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We make it easier for you to make a big splash into the iOS and Android markets. A hybrid approach will get you there with lower costs less time.

Expanding your business to your client's needs, we can help you augment your existing web technologies with an App.

Website Development

We provide solutions that you can manage and are extensible and ready for the future needs of your business.

From design to deployment we've got your back, we pride ourselves on our understanding of our clients business.

Whether screen, tablet or mobile, your users will love the tailored experience to their device.


Where possible, we will leverage existing services to bring costs down. Because sometimes it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

We are also experienced in API creation, augmentation & consumption, to allow information to flow seamlessly between your applications, be they web-based or mobile.

Latest Projects


Supernatural Ticket Centre

We were fortunate enough to work with the iconic Meredith Music Festival in developing their very own, completely in-house, end-to-end ticket purchasing, fulfilment (mailout) and gate scanning system.

This was a huge step forward for the festival, as they are now the largest independent festival in the country with their own ticketing system, allowing them, to be more efficient and sustainable into the future.

It was also incredibly challenging and a huge step forward for Marby. The entire project was completed within 10 months, from ticket sales to punters in the door. It allowed us to tackle some big problems; a high demand, short term online sales scenario (All tickets sold in 15 minutes); integration with AusPost and mail providers to create a seamless experience for the admins and punters; and reviewing and sourcing appropriate hardware for the scanning devices, including a move to NFC for the tickets to provide a more robust system for scanning punters into the gate.


Supernatural Ticket Centre

Continuing on from the success of the Meredith Music Festival, the system was then migrated to a multi-site setup. This allowed for independent sites for Golden Plains and Meredith - each with their own unique branding - which is so important for the festivals.

Whilst the punters experience is customised for each festival, the system was developed to use a single admin portal, this created a consistent experience to administer the festivals, regardless of which one it was, reducing cognitive load for the admins, training requirements, and overall complexity of the UI.

The system at Golden Plains was a resounding success, running smoothly. Now, with their own system in-house, the festival can continue to improve it over the coming years, to ever improve the punter experience.

Artlands Victoria 2018


Celebrating twenty years in 2018

Artlands is the biennial event that shines a national spotlight on Australia’s regional arts.

Artlands Victoria is a multi-art, cross industry and inter-generational event that provides regional connections.

Presented by Regional Arts Victoria as an integrated conference and cultural program, Artlands Victoria aims to combine a curated program of works in progress, explorations and commissioned projects alongside an engaged speakers program.


The Functional fitness training App

Fitter brings unique and functional fitness training programs finely crafted for both home and gym use, complete with guided video instructions to support your progress.

With all the Fitter programs created by 2 x CrossFit® Games Athlete, and former Australasian Champion Denae Brown, Marby had to step up the game to provide an iOS and Android app up to first class standards.

We couldn't be happier with the result, a powerful app with a great interface design that allows users to keep fit by providing specific workouts whether you are a begginner or a pro, at the gym or at home.

Fitter - The Functional fitness training App


Training app for the Victoria Police fitness test

Start by watching what’s required in the Victoria Police fitness test, then choose the program that’s right for your level of fitness.

All programs are specifically designed by the Victoria Police, Physical Training Unit to assist applicants to meet the requirements of the Victoria Police fitness test.

All you need to get started is the POLICE FIT app, some open space and the motivation to succeed! The app will help you measure your progress and provide some great nutritional tips along the way.


The Unconscious Knowledge & Bias Solution transforming decision making

Cognicity is the brainchild of internationally regarded academic and industry experts, developed over years facilitating training in major corporations across numerous industries with the Centre for Ethical Leadership.

This highly complex project came to life after several months of working very close with their creators at the Centre for Ethical Leadership of the Ormond College.

Using latest frontend and backend technologies Marby accepted the challenge and provided a cutting edge tool that will be used by major corporations in Australia to detect and assess possible internal biased behaviours.



All of your qualifications in a single, secure online account.

BlueQ brings qualifications into the 21st Century for Organisations and Individuals by providing a robust and easy to use system.

Marby worked closely with Redgum Technologies to provide a usable, clean and professional interface that could work in all devices and platforms.

The result is a highly functional system that is being constantly updated with new features by the entrepreneurial team at BlueQ.

Analog - The Functional fitness training App


Geddup is a local Melbourne startup, focused on building an easy-to-use solution for organisations to manage their members and customers information In addition it provides an aggregated messaging system to communicate with these users, encapsulating SMS, email and push notifications in one place.

This award winning project is extremely powerful and versatile. Including a custom public API and the latest hybrid & web technologies we were able to get iOS, Android and responsive web applications up and running in parallel using laregly the same codebase. This kept the overall project costs lower and allowed us to get the project live and to a large market share of users in a shorter timeframe.

Geddup - Get Organised

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, like most large education institutions requires a wide range of systems to support their staff and students. Marby has worked on a dozen or so projects with different departments within the university, including the central Information Technology division.

Each project was unique, requiring accurate analyis of the individual departments processes and needs and included, amongst others:

  • A Project Reporting system for cloud-based research
  • A user-customisable Grants Bulletin for students
  • A Research Data Registry to enable people to easily search and obtain research material generated within the university
  • An in-depth Notice Of Intent submission system for research applications
Universtity of Melbourne - Research Bulletin

Beyond Blue - Kidsmatter

KidsMatter is a mental health and wellbeing initiative providing information related to children in their early childhood and primary school years. Containing over 2,000 information pages and receiving up to 5,000 individual people visiting the site every day, it's a heavily utilised site, providing valuable resources to parents, carers, teachers, health professionals and community leaders.

In order to provide the level of connection with the community that the site required, a series of interlinked components have been created to tie the system together. These include an extensive Programs Guide filtering and comparison engine, an ATSI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) resource system, a Document Management System and advanced menu and site search systems to allow the vast array of information to be as accessible as possible to the user.


Centre for Ethical Leadership

Based at Ormond College in Melbourne, Centre for Ethical Leadership passionately strives to be the pre-eminent ethically focussed research organisation in Australia. They approached Marby for the redesign and redevelopment of their current website, in order to bring it in line with their organisational goals. We worked hand-in-hand with the talented people at Truly Deeply - who were charged with the re-branding and visual design - to provide a solution we're all very proud of.

With a clean aesthetic and an elegant User Interface design, we initially focussed on the creation of a mobile-first responsive website ready for any device. A custom author and research paper system was developed to allow for easy discovery of the research papers and authors within the centre and their related material.

Centre for Ethical Leadership

Community Music Victoria

This passionate not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne came to us with a website that had fulfilled its purpose but been outgrown by the organisation. A complete redesign - led by the creativity and experience of Paul Emery - and redevelopment, inspired by their commitment to music and our passion to web design, resulted in a fully-fledged online tool that looks great whilst focusing on supporting their members and community.

The large ammount of members and subscribers in the organisation across Melbourne and Victoria, provided the possibility to augment the updated web site with the capability to be their internal organisation management tool. The feature list, grown to include online member subscription, payment & renewal, forums, members-only online shop, creation of events and sale of tickets, comprehensive sale analytics and auto-populated monthly newsletters, results in great praise from the community and free time for the volunteers who help manage it.

Centre for Ethical Leadership

Education in Nutrition

Created in 2011 and based in Melbourne, Education in Nutrition provides on-line professional development to dietitians and nutritionists.

The development process included a responsive website with a clean and modern user interface and focusing heavily on usability for visitors. Respecting the current branding and philosophy of the company was also imperative to success.

We developed a comprehensive tool that securely automated the member and subscriber system. The site allows one-off purchases both online and offline (offline order validation is required) and provides the user with a private portal to access their purchased recordings from anywhere.

The video system streams based on the member's internet connection, with various stream qualities provided. This improves the user experience and reduces data consumption when accessing the website via mobile networks.

Education in Nutrition

Some happy clients

Working with Marby has been a delight. Every step of the way they have gone the extra mile to ensure that our expectations were met, if not exceeded. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and look forward to working with them in the future.

Kieron Morris Technical Coordinator at CEL - Ormond College

Marby is the best web development team I've ever had the pleasure to work with in Melbourne by FAR. They've always delivered way beyond my expectations, on time, on budget and in many instances have offered innovative ways to better implement our ideas much to our sheer delight and joy of our clients and staff!

Sanny Veloo Project Manager at MRO Bulletin for University of Melbourne

The Association of Sculptors Victoria have been fortunate to have the services of Marby to reconstruct our website. It is a complex website and has required a specific structure.

Once our needs were sufficiently communicated the work was carried out in an efficient, competant and professional manner.

Gillian Govan President of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria


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